WordPress Site Maintenance Checklist

Self-Managed WordPress Site Maintenance

Many people want to do their own WordPress website maintenance rather than outsource to a professional. This handy WordPress site maintenance checklist breaks down what you need to check and how often. Click the image to view a full-size version.

wordpress site maintenance checklist

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WordPress Version

You can usually upgrade to the latest version of WordPress without any hiccups. You can even set it to update automatically


Keep themes up to date and remove unused themes. Usually theme updates do not cause problems, though occasionally there will be conflicts with plugins.


Keep plugins up to date and remove any unnecessary plugins. It’s not enough to just deactivate them.


Prevent and remove the clutter!


The importance of backups cannot be stressed enough, particularly if you are performing your own website maintenance. Perform backups regularly and also before performing any updates or removing anything.


This is the most advanced subject. You should only remove content from your site’s database if you are familiar with databases and if you are sure you know how to perform a database backup. Sometimes after removing spam or deleting old plugins, the database still saves some of this data. Additionally, multiple revisions of posts or pages are often saved in the database. Too much can cause an unruly amount of clutter that will begin to make the database very heavy.

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