Why Should I Tweet? Why Should I Blog?

Social media engagement can be a tough sell. We’re all so busy, and keeping up with blogging, tweeting (posting on Twitter), and Facebook pages (not to mention LinkedIn and other social media networks) can be quite overwhelming.

But first you have to know why you’re bothering!

And the answer isn’t “because everyone else is.” If it is, then just stop right now.

Social media can work for you. And here is why. Because seemingly everyone else is out there, if you aren’t too, then potential customers are paying attention to the competition. Stand out, be noticed, and stay in front.

If you’re busy just keeping your business running, caring for your family, and whatever it is that you like to do in that elusive spare time… guess what? So are most other people! There is a lot of noise in our daily lives, and if you and your brand aren’t out there, you will be forgotten.

Involvement in social media is a way to get in the mix in a cost effective way. Find people where they play (Facebook), where they connect (LinkedIn), and where they go to get information (Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora). Be a contributor. Ask and answer questions. Maybe advertise. Even online advertising in Google and social networks is cheaper than the traditional print or billboard ads. Plus, you target your audience!

Social media marketing is so popular because it works. And it can be fun! But it must be done right. That means staying actively engaged all the time, not opening up a Facebook page and saying “sayonara”.

But don’t take my word for it. Here are two data excerpts from report by the inbound marketing experts who create marketing software at HubSpot based on their 4,000 customers. I think that the charts drive the point home.

twitter use

blogging data

Remember, your social media presence is best managed by you. Outsourcing only works if the person managing your accounts is engaged in your business and up to date with the latest trends and information.

To answer the question “How do I tweet?,” see my previous post.

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