Make Your Website Accessible with Nagishly

Do you feel overwhelmed by the legal jargon and technical requirements of Israel’s accessibility laws? 

Are you worried your website may not be compliant? 

If you need assistance making your site accessible, IRG Websites has an easy and affordable solution for you. Read on! 

Is Your Website Accessible? 

Internet accessibility standards are designed to help people with visual, cognitive, and auditory handicaps. This involves adding features such as alt tags to images so that people who can’t see them still know what is on the page, subtitles to videos for those who can’t hear the sound, as well as giving users the ability to adjust the font size and color contrast. For a detailed list of what you need to make your website accessible, read our blog post about handicap accessibility

In 2013, the Israeli Ministry of Justice approved regulations requiring websites to comply with a series of accessibility guidelines. If you own a large business in Israel, chances are you will need to abide by these accessibility regulations. Even if you are a small business, you may still be obligated to comply. Businesses that fail to meet these requirements are liable to a fine of up to 50,000 NIS!  

To find out if the accessibility laws affect your business, read our article about accessibility compliance

Make Your Website Accessible with Nagishly

Nagishly offers software that optimizes websites to conform to Israel’s accessibility requirements. IRG Websites is now a partner with Nagishly and is offering a 10% discount to all maintenance plan customers.

The regular full price for Nagishly is ₪1,088 including VAT. We will set you up with this service at a 10% discount, for a onetime fee of only ₪979. When you consider that having this work done manually takes many hours and therefore usually thousands of shekels, it is truly a great savings.

Contact us to find out more and sign up for a free 7-day trial.

Benefits of Nagishly 

Nagishly is the only website accessibility system in Israel that uses artificial intelligence technologies to make websites fully accessible. The system is designed for users with all types of disabilities and adjusts itself based on their browser’s needs. Nagishly promises full AA-level accessibility, providing website owners with the peace of mind that they are in full compliance with the law.

Nagishly commits to meeting all accessibility standards for their customers. If you find an aspect of your website that is not compliant, and you receive a letter from a lawyer to alert you of the infringement, Nagishly will correct the mistake within 60 days, which is within the timeframe a business is allotted by the law to reach compliance

How Does Nagishly Work?

Upon registering your site, the Nagishly software will scan your entire website and automatically edit all images, forms, and settings. After the initial scan, which occurs over a two-day period, the site will be fully optimized for accessibility.

After the initial setup period, a control panel will appear that will allow users to edit the site according to their individual needs (font size, colors, etc.). From then on, a scan will run every 24 hours to audit any new changes. 

Users have complete control over the colors, icons, sizes, and the location of the accessibility control panel. The control panel is available in 8 languages: English, Hebrew, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian and German. 

Contact Us to Learn More About Nagishly

If you are feeling overwhelmed trying to make your website accessible, Nagishly will automatically optimize your site to ensure that it meets all legal regulations. And, if you are a maintenance plan customer, we will help you install Nagishly at a 10% discount.

Contact us to learn more about Nagishly and to redeem your discount and try it out for free. 

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