Top 5 Web Networking Tips from Jerusalem Professionals

One of the great things about living in the “startup nation” of Israel is that there are so many people with great ideas about new business opportunities and how to get them up and running — particularly on the web. Last night I attended an informal get together for professionals in web development, IT, QA, and all sorts of other techie acronyms.

I want to share some of my top web networking takeaways with you, so that even if you weren’t able to shmooze in the lobby of the Inbal Hotel with us, you’ll be able to take a little Israeli “yozma” or enterprising with you!

1) Get Creative With Your LinkedIn Groups

The secret to web networking on LinkedIn isn’t to join people in groups related to what you do, but rather groups that are totally different from your field. Connect with people in different fields so that you can offer them unique services. Example: A web developer could connect with someone who is getting ready for a trade show in the optics industry, and offer to build them a website for the show.

Hat Tip: Hillel Porath

2) Use Interviews

Give your blogs a boost by conducting interviews. People love to be interviewed, so you’ll have a willing participant, easy content, and they’re likely to share the post with their network on the web. Example: My interview with Hillel Porath

Hat Tip: Hillel Porath

3) Mind Your Image Sources

Don’t think you can get away with using images that you find online if they’re not marked free for distribution. In addition to it being bad karma, it can also get you in lots of trouble. A team of Israeli lawyers is on the prowl to crack down on people who are using copyrighted material without permission online.

Hat Tip: Kim Mayroze

4) Even Someone Else’s Video Can Help You Go Viral

Sharing a video, even if it’s not yours, can bring a huge boost to your website. Example: I Shop for Israel got a huge boost in traffic when they shared a Rocky Horror Picture Show Hanukkah video just before the holiday. Unlike pretty much any other YouTube video that gets embedded into a blog post, which requires that you go to the video page on YouTube in order to share, I Shop for Israel has embedded “share” buttons and in fact, the only way to share the video is through those buttons or a link to the blog post. What a creative way to get the word out about the business!

Hat Tip: Jackie Goldstein

5) An Elegant Website Doesn’t Have to Cost Big Bucks

For building a website in WordPress, a great place to start is Elegant Themes – you can purchase the entire series for only $39, and they’re highly customizable, even if you’re not a programmer.

Hat Tip: Jesse Nowlin

Thanks to everyone who shared their web networking tips and how they are growing their business. Here’s to a successful 2012 for all of us!

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