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Don’t delegate your image search – you can do it yourself with these free resources

Sometimes the biggest difficulties in blog writing isn’t the text but rather in finding relevant images to include.  It’s not too often that a blogger has his or her own relevant photographs, so of course, they turn to the internet.  But popping into Google Image Search and using an image before checking the copyright information can cost you a lot of money and trouble down the line.  So aside from screen grabs, generation your own images, or shelling out money for stock photos, try these free resources for stock images.

  1. Flickr Free Use: This is a section of the Flickr database of user generated photos that are copyright free.  Just be careful when using this area of Flickr that you stay within it and don’t accidentally grab an image that is not free use before checking its status. (Edited to remove because this is gone).
  2. Image Stock Exchange: This is a pretty well-known free image database, but I haven’t often found that the search results yield images that I can use.
    EDIT December 2019: Now free
  3. MorgueFile Public Image Archive: Probably the resource for free images that I use the most.  It’s also displays results from DreamsTime, which has an even better set of images, but the rights to use cost money
  4. Freerange Stock Images: It’s exactly like what it sounds like
  5. Photogen has a set of high-res image that are great for developers.  Just be sure to check their terms of use, which have some restrictions, like use of the images in website template development.
  6. For Israeli developers and writers targeting the local market, there is a wiki of Israel photos that are free to use without attribution
  7. The Israel Ministry of Tourism offers images that are free to use without attribution
  8. Wikimedia Commons is part of Wikipedia, and all of the images are free to use, but sometimes they ask for attribution – see the details under each image
  9. If all the above is not enough, here is another list of best search engines for free images


Do you know of any great resources for free stock images that I missed? Share below in the comments!

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