Hours Banks

Packages for every project

Working from a pre-paid bank of hours allows us to provide the fastest turnaround on WordPress website updates. Your balance is updated as we go so that you can keep track of exactly how long each task takes. You may request an estimate before we begin any task.

Most customers signed up for ongoing maintenance also purchase a bank of hours in order to cover incidentals, more intensive updates, and development of additional features. Additional fees apply for purchasing a bank of hours without a maintenance plan.


For Small projects

Choose a bank of service hours

and use it toward any service we offer!
10 Hours

For Medium Projects and Ongoing Service

20 Hours

For Large Projects and Ongoing Service


Our Standards

Why dozens of businesses rely on IRG Websites

Reliable Work

Each step is done right. We won't stop working on a task until it is completed to a client's satisfaction.

Secure Updates

WordPress website updates to the WordPress core, plugins or theme files identified as high risk are performed on a copy of your website so that we can test for any conflicts before bringing the changes live.

Task Tracking

Our ticketing system allows us to maintain clear communication with clients about the status of each request

Phone Support

When a support ticket or e-mail just won't cut it, you can reach us by phone or WhatsApp. * Hours bank users only