Professional WordPress Maintenance and Support

Staying on top of regular updates to the WordPress core files, themes and plugins is critical to maintaining your website's health (keeping it from crashing).

Regular Updates

WordPress websites must be regularly maintained for optimal performance and security. Regular updates ensure that security patches are implemented in a timely fashion and that your website is benefitting from all the latest features.


Plugin conflicts can occur due to incompatibilities with outdated code. Routine maintenance by a professional WordPress support specialist can prevent problems from occurring and nip small ones in the bud before they crash the site.

Custom Plans

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Why Choose Professional WordPress Support?

Websites using the self-hosted WordPress content management system (as opposed to the contained system at or website builders like Wix or Weebly), have nearly limitless design, function and feature options available. The core WordPress code is available for you to download at, and theme, plugin, or custom code you add is up to you.

choosing proper urls is one of the many things that professional wordpress support can help withThis opportunity comes along with responsibility. It is your responsibility as the site owner responsibility to properly vet the themes, plugins and code that you are adding to your site and to make sure that it does more good than harm and to patch the bugs when they appear.

Many WordPress users are able to customize a WordPress theme of their choosing using the built-in settings and by adding extra features via plugins. Others with more complex projects or fewer resources for delving into the setup themselves seek professional WordPress support.

Website owners usually know the basics about how to keep the content of their website updated, but not the content management system. Unfortunately, if your system goes down, it's going to take your content down with it.

Just like visiting your dentist for a regular cleaning and examination isn't exactly how you want to spend your time or money, most people realize that it is a worthwhile investment that is likely to save them both discomfort and money in the long run. We can't guarantee you will get a cavity if you eat candy canes and Coca Cola for lunch and we can't say that your website will go down if you aren't vigilant about updates. The risk is yours to take.

In addition to improving website performance and enhacing security, the professional WordPress website support provided by IRG Websites includes being proactive with our customers, letting them know about upcoming changes to WordPress, or new privacy regulations that may affect their particular site.

Proper WordPress maintenance involves regularly updating the WordPress core files, the theme files, and plugin files. Additionally, scheduled a "housekeeping" review of functions, files and plugins can help reduce clutter. Remove any unecessary files or code, becuase they clutter up your site, may contribute to page load times, and could unnecesarily introduce security vulnerabilities. Even extra spam comments or post revisions will significantly clutter up your database over time.