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I frequently sing the praises of LinkedIn for its ability to drive targeted traffic to blogs and websites, finding networking and job opportunities, and staying on top of industry news. But I had been disappointed with the iPhone app. Where could I check in on my groups? And the button titles weren’t clear. In the end, I didn’t find it all that useful.

So I was really excited to hear from Hillel Fuld at the appboy blog that LinkedIn totally revamped their app for iPhone, Android and launched HTML5 for mobile (sorry Blackberry users). It’s now arguably one of the mostly seamlessly designed apps out there, at least in its class. Tomio Geron in the Forbes Social Markets blog reports that the new apps are two to ten times faster than the old ones.


gmail e-mail address selection

Select which e-mail account to send on behalf of within GMail

I spent an hour this morning playing around with it, and as promised, it is super fast. There are 4 simple buttons, a slick design interface, and logical groupings: for instance, scan updates from LinkedIn Today and your connections in one place, invitations & personal messages in another. It’s not so logical to place Groups & People You Might Know in the same place, and that tab looks like it leaves more functionality to come, but it’s not a big problem as far as I’m concerned.

What else is in the works? LinkedIn also recently bought CardMunch, a business cards scanning application that enters new contacts on your phone. I admittedly enter contact info from business cards and then toss them. This feature could be a real time saver!

LinkedIn announced earlier this month in their first public earnings report that mobile page views have increased 400 percent compared to last year, and they’re wise to capitalize on this growing market.

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