WordPress Maintenance Plans

Combine with an hourly plan for full coverage.

POOF! We make your WordPress website problems go away.


Regularly scheduled offsite backups, ready to go in a jiffy in the unlikely event they are needed.

Software Updates

Regular updates keep your site safe, secure, and speedy.

Google Suite of Services

Get hooked up and decked out with Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google My Business for measuring and marketing your site

Malware Removal

Because sites get hacked, even when precautions are taken

Security Scans

In addition to automated checks, thorough manual inspections look out for any signs of something fishy (or phishy)


Meet the latest standards for compliance with handicap accessibility and make the web a more inclusive place

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Secure Offsite Backups

Software Update Frequency

Security Scan

Bank of Hours for Supplemental Service

Site Speed Performance Check

Malware Removal

Submission to Google Suite of 3 Services

Communication by Email

Communication by WhatsApp 

Communication by Phone

Staging Updates

E-Commerce Support

Ability to Go Month-to-Month



155 / month

($43 / month)



2x / Year

Purchased Separately at Full Price

1x / Year

10% Discount on Website Accessibility


295 / month

($82 / month)


2x / Month

2x / Year

Free upgrade to a "Pro" bank

2x / Year

10% Discount on Website Accessibility

Quarterly Google Analytics Report



670 / month

($185 / month)

Every 12 Hours

2x / Month

4x / Year

Free upgrade to a "Pro" bank 

2x / Year

20% Discount on Website Accessibility

Quarterly Google Analytics Report

Quarterly Personal Review of Site Performance and Goals

Maintenance vs. Hourly Plans

  1. What if a site is hacked?
    All maintenance plan customers receive ongoing security scans by Sucuri Security, plus scheduled manual checks for software updates that cannot be automated.

    When we receive alerts about a major vulnerability we check and update customer websites accordingly, even if it isn't time for a scheduled update.

    Nonetheless, even with proactive monitoring, no one can catch every security issue. If there is a security breach, our goal is to respond immediately within business hours, as a top priority.

    Pro and Corporate plan members receive free malware removal. Basic plan members and non-members can receive this service for a 500 NIS fee.

  2. What is the difference between a Maintenance Plan and an Hourly Plan?
    We offer two kinds of support. Maintenance Plans are designed to cover the sort of routine upkeep that keeps your website performing at its best. An Hourly Plan is designed to cover incidentals such as fixing major errors, adding new features, and all of those little things that come up along the way when you own a website.

    Most website owners serious about keeping their web presence in tip top shape purchase a Maintenance Plan and an Hourly Plan so that we can jump right in and help them with everything.

  3. Can I switch plans?
    You can upgrade or downgrade your maintenance plan at any time, but you can do so no more than once every 3 months.