Why Do We Love WordPress?

IRG Websites specializes in building websites in WordPress. Why do we dedicate ourselves to this content management system exclusively?

1. The Community

No developer or designer learns anything truly on his or her own, nor do they work in a bubble. The web is all about the power to connect people and information, and the WordPress content management platform is maintained and improved upon by a community of people who are committed to its success.

From the terrific WP forums, blogs, to the WordCamp conferences, there are an incredible number of talented and giving people to learn from and collaborate with.

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2. It’s Open Source

As an open source project, WordPress is continuously being debugged and otherwise maintained by hundreds of people around the world. It also means that it’s accessible to anyone, from your cousin to the hottest website developer on the block. That means that if you end up working with a website developer that you don’t like, you can take your website with you when the contract ends, and someone else can help you with it. In fact, the core of our business is maintaining WordPress websites built by other developers.

3. Let’s Get Real

As a boutique website company proudly providing services from a small network of talented freelancers, we need to specialize. And in choosing where to focus, we looking for the winning platform that would be scalable to provide the best service the greatest variety of clients. With a tremendous library of themes, plugins and eCommerce options for WordPress, there are possibilities for every type of website need out of the box, and we can tailor it to exacting standards from there.

4. Easy SEO

Overall, WordPress is probably the most SEO-friendly content management system out there. Out of the box, it’s fairly simple code and with some tweaks, it can easily comply with all the basic SEO requirements.

  • It enables automated ping submission, letting search engines know when you post new content
  • The WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast opens up an entire menu of customizations for canonical data, metadata with you ever needing to touch a line of code.
  • Easily set up SEO-friendly permalinks from within the Settings menu
  • Speed up load times with caching and image size-reducing plugins
  • Submit sitemaps with simple plugins

[From the blog: Search Engine Optimization for Mere Mortals]

5. Elegance

Browsing through a site with a nicely spaced navigation menu, clear calls to action and crisp images is an entirely different experience than fumbling through a cluttered menu, with no area of focus and a boring or wayyyy too loud color palate.

While there are certainly exceptions, overall WordPress themes tend to be well-designed, responsive, and that’s just the end user’s experience. The back-end called the Dashboard that the client uses to maintain the site has a fairly low learning curve for such a robust platform.

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