How Do Experts Use Twitter for Business?

A lot of people think that Twitter is just a waste of time and that all of the “tweeting” is just a lot of noise that distracts them from getting real work done.

Here are a few basic uses for Twitter:

  • Customer Support: Monitoring what is being said about your business and responding if necessary.
  • Creating Buzz: If you’re launching a new product or service, let everyone know about it. Consider Twitter as a way of distributing special offers in order to spread the word.
  • Establish Authority: Position yourself as a subject matter expert so people will listen to you and come to you for advice (and business!)


I also asked some heavy Twitter users to chime in on how they use the social media network personally and in their business. Here is what they had to say:


twitter helps you make useful connections

Shoshanna Jaskoll, Co-founder of Reach 3k (@skjask): I’ve met & been introduced to so many people I’d never have met before and people l are so so helpful on twitter. People introduce me to others who they feel I’d like to know or work with. And I get to meet all kinds.


Brittany Morse, Online Marketing Specialist at Sprout Social, Inc.: From my personal experience, examples of businesses who have surprised me with their Twitter use are:

– PopChips Chicago (@popchipsChicago) – A coworker of mine tweeted that she was bummed that we had run out of PopChips at the office. Within 30 minutes, a huge box of PopChips had arrived at our door with a hand-written note thanking her for tweeting about them. Talk about acting quickly on a comment! While I had originally felt ambivalent towards the company, their social media manager totally changed my view and I’m now a huge fan – primarily because they took advantage of the opportunity to connect! They continue to engage with other users and respond to tweets quickly.
twitter helps your business get in touch with customers– Ramon DeLeon of Domino’s Pizza (@Ramon_DeLeon) – Ramon manages a number of the social media accounts for Domino’s in Chicago. He’s done an exceptional job to help shift the public’s opinion of the pizza chain through social media engagement and use of videos. He even teamed up with a Twitter-using cabbie (@ChicagoCabbie) to deliver free pizzas to followers (which you can watch at ).

I think the key to a strong Twitter presence, as demonstrated by both PopChips and Domino’s, is to take advantage of those online conversations (since they ARE happening) surrounding your brand and connect with the customer on a personal level. If you can find a way to do that, you have a customer for life.

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