Did you know that your business or brand can capture some prime real estate on Google search result listings absolutely for free? Google Knowledge Panels, a big honking box with your business information shows up on the top right sidebar of the desktop search results. You've probably seen them before but didn't know it would be so easy to get one too! Capture this valuable space by following the three steps below.

google knowledge panel

Step One: Open a Google My Business Account

Go to Google My Business and sign up with the Google account that you want to use. Enter in some basic details like the name of your business and where you are located. You can always update this information later.

Step Two: Verify Ownership

You'll need to verify that you are in fact the owner of this business at this location. The verification method depends on the type of business and service offered. You can read more about the verification method that will be relevant to you in Google's documentation.

Step Three: Complete Your Profile

Once your ownership has been verified, you can add or edit more information about your business. This includes adding photos, videos, opening hours.


Google's algorithm decides when a knowledge panel for your business will show up in the results. Factors include relevance to the search terms, distance from  the user and prominence of the business. The more your website is considered authoritative the more likely it is for your knowledge panel to show up. It will tend to show up more for direct searches than more general terms. For example, a celebrity will show up with a knowledge panel if their name is searched for directly, rather than the term "top female actresses" or the name of a movie they starred in.

Branded Personal Panels

gal gadot in Branded Personal PanelTo go back to our example of the celebrity, a search for Gal Gadot will display a different type of knowledge panel called a Branded Personal Panel. This a big box with information that looks a lot like the Knowledge Panel, but it will display culled data from websites like Wikipedia and links to popular social media accounts.

It is not possible to create a Branded Personal Panel or to apply for one. If your brand has enough authority, or if you are famous enough, Google will notice and a knowledge panel will appear.


While it won't show up for a lot of more general search results, you can claim a big box with your business information to capture the attention of users who are already looking for you or your brand. It's free and pretty easy to do, so get started today!