You Can Still Get Traffic to Your Business on Facebook!

Shari Wright Pilo shared her secrets for getting the most out of Facebook’s new algorithm. And now, I’m sharing them with you! At a workshop at the Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel facilitated by Lesley Josman Kaplan, we learned how small businesses can get more traffic on Facebook. If you don’t have time to read all of the tips below, make sure you read this: the Facebook algorithm and audience loves Facebook live. Yes, you can still get traffic to your business on Facebook, but mere posts aren’t enough anymore.

Facebook Live Gets Views

shari wright pilo teaches a lesson on how to get traffic to your business on Facebook

Marketing expert Shari Wright Pilo teaches a women’s business networking meeting about get traffic to your business on Facebook

This is something that I’ve noticed intuitively. When someone in my network is live, I see a notification, and live video feeds shows up at the top of my news feed. That is where you want to be, right? Get over your hesitations, put on some makeup if it helps (no judgments, guys), and get rolling.

Some ideas for Facebook live posts:

  • Video tutorial
  • Preview about an upcoming Q&A session
  • Introduction to a new blog post

For more specific ideas, see what other people in your field are doing, Shari says. Acknowledging the irony of holding the outlandish, scandal-chasing Kardashians as a model to the largely religious audience at the Women’s Professional Networking Group, Shari said that their social media marketing savvy is incredible. The bottom line is, it is important to try to learn from the success of others and see how it can be applied to you. Anyways, let’s not forget that Pirkei Avot says “Who is wise? He who learns from all (wo)men.”

Shooting Good Videos

Before you push that “Live” button, let’s review some pointers:

  • Whenever possible, shoot video from your phone the same way you usually browse (vertically). This also generates a video that is easier to see in square mode, how most viewers will be browsing.
  • 85% of videos watched on mobile phones are watched without sound. Make sure your message has subtitles or can otherwise be understood without audio.
  • Lighting is very important. Get a cheap LED light that will shine on you from behind the camera.
  • To prevent shaky video, invest in a cheap phone tripod.
  • Keep the camera at eye level and make sure to make eye contact with the camera.

Whatever you do, don’t share videos from YouTube on Facebook. They’re bound to get buried.

While Facebook live videos get a lot of attention, any visuals you can add to your posts can be extremely helpful. They grab the eye a lot more than plain text. Shari recommends using Canva or Legend for generating images to add to your Facebook posts and the app Quik to easily create and edit videos.

Other Ways to Get Traffic to your Business on Facebook

While live video may be the latest, greatest thing, a major tenet of social media marketing still holds true, even in 2018: Be helpful. If you can help people out, even with things unrelated to your business, you develop a reputation as someone knowledgeable and willing to share that knowledge to help others. You can do so by commenting either as your business page or on your personal profile, depending on the situation.

The bottom line is, as small business owners, you are your brand, Shari says. The more we deliver our personality and our enthusiasm for our business, the more we enthusiastically and helpfully share quality content, we will outshine our competition, no matter how saturated the market is. Essentially, by being authentic you can still stand out and get traffic to your business on Facebook.

Shari’s top advice: “Be authentic, be memorable, be a content creator”.

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