Frequently Asked Questions

At the moment we service only websites built with WordPress.

We don't own our own servers, but based on your specific website needs, we can recommend a provider and help set you up with them.

Sure, just send us a link and we'll let you know. However, we give priority to our maintenance plan customers.

We have a great track record for getting sites that have been hacked and infected with malware back online.

Customers on a Pro or Corporate plan receive free malware removal as part of their service. Basic maintenance plan members and non-members can purchase this service for 500 NIS. 

While fixing infected sites is a high priority, we cannot guarantee immediate turnaround or work outside of regular business hours.

You can upgrade or downgrade your maintenance plan at any time. You can switch no more than once every 3 months.

You cannot upgrade a bank of hours.

We specialize in WordPress maintenance and troubleshooting for sites that are already live. Once you get your new site up and running, check back, and we'll be happy to help!

Sure! We work on an hourly basis for one-off updates like installing a Facebook tracking pixel, restoring a hacked site, or even a one-off website tune up, updating all the site software.

We charge a one-hour minimum fee of 250 NIS ($70). After that, hourly work is billed in hourly or 15-minute increments.

Any work that goes beyond one simple one-off task is tracked using a Google Sheets spreadsheet shared with the customer for full transparency about how the time they are paying for is being used.

So whether you are paying for a few tasks at once or you purchase a bank of hours, you will always see exactly what you are getting and how much time is left in your hours bank. 

We mark down time in increments of at least 10 minutes and round up to the nearest 10 or 15-minute increment.

We offer a standard rate for our ongoing maintenance plans. Work that falls outside of routine maintenance can be performed hourly, or as part of a bank of hours. The benefit to purchasing a bank of hours is that we can get started right away, without dealing with any hassle of billing, plus, you get a significant discount on the hourly rate.

Oh yes, and Pro and Corporate maintenance plan members get a FREE upgrade to a "Pro" bank of hours, which provides faster turnaround and better communication on each task.

Six (6) months from the date of purchase.

All maintenance plan customers receive ongoing security scans by Sucuri Security, plus scheduled manual checks for software updates that cannot be automated.

When we receive alerts about a major vulnerability we check and update customer websites accordingly, even if it isn't time for a scheduled update.

Nonetheless, even with proactive monitoring, no one can catch every security issue. If there is a security breach, our goal is to respond immediately within business hours, as a top priority.

Pro and Corporate plan members receive free malware removal. Basic plan members and non-members can receive this service for a 500 NIS fee.

We specialize in websites in English and / or Hebrew, along with managing the left-to-right and right-to-left display issues that can crop up on sites that have both. However, we can manage any kind of multilanguage sites.

Yes! We are proud to hold several Yoast SEO certifications and can analyze your site structure, site content, and set you up with a plan for SEO success. While the most thorough optimization takes place when a SEO plan is in place before a website is even built, we'll do our best to help you get the best targeted search results for your site in its current form.

Most of the time, if we can get access to your web host, we can find at least a partial backup. Or you may have a backup plugin installed. If you see this and it's not too late and you aren't running regular backups yet, start doing so right now!

Sometimes there is an error, or a website is hacked but there isn't any data loss. We need to evaluate each instance on a case by case basis.

We offer two kinds of support. Maintenance plans are designed to cover the sort of routine upkeep that keeps your website performing at its best. An hourly plan is designed to cover incidentals such as fixing major errors, adding new features, and all of those little things that come up along the way when you own a website.

Most website owners serious about keeping their web presence in tip top shape purchase a maintenance plan and a bank of hours so that we can jump right in and help them with everything.

Our regular business hours are as follows:

9 a.m. - 4 p.m., Sunday through Thursday, UTC+2 hours (+3 in summer)

On the following Jewish and Israeli holidays we are closed:

Erev Rosh Hashanah, Rosh Hashanah, Erev Yom Kippur, Yom Kippur, Passover, Sukkot, Purim, Shushan Purim, Lag B'Omer, Yom Ha'atzmaut, Shavuot, and Tisha B’Av. A calendar for these holidays can be provided upon request.