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I’ve written a lot about using LinkedIn as a professional networking and lead generation resource. But the wide penetration of Facebook shouldn’t be discounted — it’s the most popular social network after all. I recently shared an extremely active Facebook group for sharing hi-tech positions in Israel with RYB Technologies, an outsourcing company specializing in hi-tech. This Facebook group is updated multiple times a day and has more than 30,000 members. In other words, it’s a terrific resource for these job placement professionals.


facebook recruitment search results

My Search Results for “Hi Tech”

Miriam Schwartz of RYB Technologies asked me how she can find other groups similar to the one I shared. Once you find a useful Facebook group or page, there are 3 major ways for finding similar groups and pages that can be a resource, whether you’re a recruitment agency, job hunter, or a business trying to generate sales leads.


How to Find Target Facebook Groups and Pages

1) Type in keywords into the search within Facebook and see what comes up. You’ll notice that Facebook starts automatically populating top results. You can also click “See all results” and browse through what it comes up with. So try entering some keywords and see if Facebook will tell you about related groups.

2) Look at which groups or pages a given group or page has listed as a favorite or “liked”. Often times they will list similar groups.

3) Post a question on your status update or within your target groups asking if anyone knows of other resources.

Miriam said that these techniques helped her find more Facebook resources and target markets.

Do you have any other methods for using Facebook as a recruitment tool that should be added to the list? Leave them in the comments section!

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