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We’ve worked on over 100 websites, and we’ve seen a lot of set ups that are, well… less than ideal. Learn how to avoid some common mistakes that leave gaping holes in your website’s security and reduce the ability of search engine robots to scan your site. Gain confidence with our free webinar, Tuesday, July 5, 9pm Israel Time (UTC + 3). Edit: Registration has closed.

4 Most Common Website Maintenance Mistakes

A lot of clients turn to us to fix technical problems with their websites or to make changes that will help them reach a marketing goal. We often find some major website no-no’s that could impact the website’s effectiveness, or even worse, leave it vulnerable to hackers. Here are the 4 most common website maintenance mistakes we see: 1. Not Updating Content A dynamic site…

3 Reasons Why You Must Keep WordPress Updated

When you log in to your WordPress admin and reach the dashboard, does this look familiar? If so, it means that you are not running the latest version of WordPress. To those of you who stay on top of it, it may seem like there are new versions coming out all the time and you wonder why you should bother. To those of you who…

Securing Your WordPress Site Against Hackers

After hackers shut down the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and the website of El Al Airlines today, anyone with a website should think about what they can do to protect their websites, if they haven’t already. While this is hardly the first time hackers have taken down major websites, sometimes we need scary reminders that the worst can happen. These tips can help you protect…

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