Making Editing Product Variations Simple

We’re currently working on an e-commerce website that sells, among other things, clothing and underwear in a large variety of sizes and colors. Using the WooCommerce e-commerce plugin for WordPress is fairly straightforward, but once you have four (or more) sizes, and five colors, for each product, we found that it started to get a bit unwieldy, especially once product photos and color swatches entered the picture.…

4 Most Common Website Maintenance Mistakes

A lot of clients turn to us to fix technical problems with their websites or to make changes that will help them reach a marketing goal. We often find some major website no-no’s that could impact the website’s effectiveness, or even worse, leave it vulnerable to hackers. Here are the 4 most common website maintenance mistakes we see: 1. Not Updating Content A dynamic site…

What is Website Hosting?

So you’re on the prowl to build a new website, and what’s this you hear about hosting? Even if you’re using some standard templates from a plug-and-play website builder, it will at least mention whether or not it includes hosting. Usually, if a website builder includes hosting, it comes at the cost of your domain. The Domain The function your domain performs that you most…

Your E-mail Address is Part of Your Brand

Does anyone from a large corporation contact you with an e-mail address ending with Probably not. Just like a physical address in a premium location says something about a business, so does an e-mail address. But unlike fancy real estate, it doesn’t take a large budget to support a custom e-mail address.

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