How to Avoid Homepage Overload

By highlighting everything, you emphasize nothing. Think about what you want a user to know and to do within eight seconds of landing on the homepage. Then make it happen with design, buttons, and cutting clutter.

Q&A With LinkedIn Expert Hillel Porath

Hillel Porath is the Online Marketing Director for, a membership-based website for Israeli export companies. Hillel has generated thousands of leads for his clients by helping exporters connect with distributors, retail buyers, and sales reps.  He also consults for Skylimit, a leading business development and marketing company working with Israeli export companies seeking to open new markets. He also maintains a popular internet marketing…

Google Rep Shares Website Optimization Tips

Some pointers from Ariel Hochstead of Google Israel, who gave a presentation about using Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools for web development yesterday at WordCamp Jerusalem.

Using LinkedIn to Get Quality Answers

I’m getting more and more as a return on investment of time on LinkedIn, especially from its “Answers” Feature. Answering questions posted by users is a great way to see what interests people in a given field, make connections in an industry, give back to the community, and to demonstrate an area of expertise. I recently started posting questions and was pleasantly surprised at the…

Why Should I Tweet? Why Should I Blog?

Involvement in social media is a way to get in the mix in a cost effective way. Find people where they play (Facebook), where they connect (LinkedIn), and where they go to get information (Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora). Be a contributor. Ask and answer questions. Maybe advertise.

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