3 Time Saving Productivity Tools

What’s life’s most precious commodity? It’s not money. It’s your time. If you spend money on something that breaks or invest in a fund that goes south, you can earn the money back. But you never get back time. That’s why we’re excited to share these 3 tools to help you save life’s most precious commodity. 1. Schedule Once If you’re an independent contractor or a small…

Grow Your Sales With These 6 Tips

Rabbi Issamar Ginzberg consults for businesses and executives around the world. Yesterday he shared his top tips for growing sales with participants of the Temech Conference, and I think you’ll find them helpful whether you are a freelancer or a large corporation. 1. BIRG : Basking in Reflecting Glory. Ex. when a real estate agent hands out Donald Trump’s book at his seminar. Donald Trump has…

Website Solutions With Integrity

A lot of work comes to us from clients who have been burned. They were told they can’t adjust their website’s navigation menu. They were told their blog’s featured image could only be a certain size. They were told “that’s just how you theme works. We can’t change it”. They weren’t informed about properly keeping their WordPress version updated. And while we’re happy to have the business,…

Using Images to Boost Your Blog

Adding images make your blog posts more likely to get noticed and read, both by humans and by search engine robots!

Resources for Free Stock Images

Try these free resources for stock images that you can add to your blog or website.

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