What is Website Hosting?

So you’re on the prowl to build a new website, and what’s this you hear about hosting? Even if you’re using some standard templates from a plug-and-play website builder, it will at least mention whether or not it includes hosting. Usually, if a website builder includes hosting, it comes at the cost of your domain. The Domain The function your domain performs that you most…

Finding Images for Your Blog Post Just Got Easier

We’ve written in the past about finding images for blog posts and how it’s important to use only images you have permission to use. Well, now finding images for your blog post that are legal to reuse just got much easier, thanks to more robust filtering in Google Images. The ‘Search tools’ button at the top of the page presents a series of drop-down menus that allow you…

How to Use E-Mail as a Marketing and Engagement Tool

Ways to expand each e-mail into an opportunity for branding yourself and maintaining an ongoing relationship with clients, making it more likely that they will do business with you in the future.

The Downside of Free Weebly Websites

So you want a website that you can easily customize and keep updated yourself? A lot of people choose free website builders like Weebly, Google Sites, Yola, Wix, or others to create a website. But like a lot of things that are free, the value is limited.

Using Images to Boost Your Blog

Adding images make your blog posts more likely to get noticed and read, both by humans and by search engine robots!

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