Using Images to Boost Your Blog

I recently wrote about some resources for finding free, no-attribution images to add to webpages and blog posts. But maybe you’re wondering why it’s so important to include images to begin with. There are 3 major reasons I try to include images in as many pages and posts as possible.

  1. images increase blog readershipIt’s much more visually engaging to look at text that is broken up by images. Readers are more likely to continue through blog text that is broken up by images and more likely to read them even in the first place. Additionally, most readers scan, rather than read blogs, and images keep things interesting when scanning and sometimes can convey information more quickly with a glance than text could.
  2. Posts with images are much more likely to stand out and be read when they appear in someone’s Facebook news feed. According to Facebook marketing guru Mari Smith, images increase a post’s EdgeRank score, which dictates how long it stays in a user’s news feed. So cut through all the Facebook clutter and use images to stand out on the Facebook news feed.
  3. Images make great opportunities for inserting SEO keywords. By inserting alt tags that are descriptive and also keyword inclusive, they give your page an additional on-site SEO opportunity. See this post by Debi’Z SEO for more information about why and how to insert alt tags on your images.

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