AppSumo – Groupon for Geeks

Who doesn’t love free stuff? AppSumo has been sending free tutorials and tips to my Inbox, plus it has referrals to great deals on software and tools a la Groupon, GroopBuy, etc. I already get tons of e-mail, but I just can’t turn down free (useful) stuff!

The Benefits of LinkedIn

So many people tell me that they don’t really understand what LinkedIn is. Probably the easiest way to understand it is “Facebook for business”. It’s a social network that allows users to demonstrate their skills and experience, produce an interactive resume, and find new opportunities. The following is a guide to some major, basic features, all of which are free!

Landing Front-Page Coverage

While my focus is on website content, it’s important not to forget the significance of industry trade journals, in print and online marketing efforts. I recently wrote an article about a new condominium project in downtown Albany, NY, constructed by The Rosenblum Companies (full disclosure: family business) for the New York State Real Estate Journal, the largest weekly commercial investment real estate newspaper in the…

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