Using LinkedIn to Get Quality Answers

I’m getting more and more as a return on investment of time on LinkedIn, especially from its “Answers” Feature. Answering questions posted by users is a great way to see what interests people in a given field, make connections in an industry, give back to the community, and to demonstrate an area of expertise. I recently started posting questions and was pleasantly surprised at the…

BeKnown: First Impressions

BeKnown is a user-friendly interface for job seekers and recruiters to make professional connections through Facebook. The global reach of Facebook provides it with a tremendous user base that facilitates making these connections and sidesteps the hassle of creating another profile on a separate social network. On the other hand, several features do need to be rebuilt, and some users may shy away from mixing…

Why Should I Tweet? Why Should I Blog?

Involvement in social media is a way to get in the mix in a cost effective way. Find people where they play (Facebook), where they connect (LinkedIn), and where they go to get information (Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora). Be a contributor. Ask and answer questions. Maybe advertise.

How do I Tweet? – Twitter Basics

Using Twitter is pretty easy, but using it well requires some finesse. At first the lingo makes you think that you belong in an aviary, but as you begin to follow more people, all the noise will begin to make more sense. “Tweeting” simply means posting an update on your Twitter account. First you must sign up at It is a snap and takes…

Zerply: A Dressed Down LinkedIn

Shedding the corporate image immediately with its splashy design – especially in the theme options for the user profile – Zerply was founded in 2009 by a group of Europeans who tried to improve upon the LinkedIn model, claiming to be “the easiest way to present yourself professionally”.

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