Facebook for Networking and Job Hunting

Here are 3 ways to find Facebook groups and pages that can be a recruitment resource, whether you’re a recruitment agency, a job hunter, or trying to generate sales leads and new places to promote a product.

Top 5 Web Networking Tips from Jerusalem Professionals

I share my top takeaways from a Jerusalem web professionals meeting so that you can learn how the pros succeed on the web.

How Do Experts Use Twitter for Business?

Tips and case studies of successful Twitter by businesses.

How to Find Jobs Through Social Media – Jacob Share

Job search expert and blogging guru Jacob Share tells me about his top tips on maximizing LinkedIn and Twitter for finding out about great jobs before your competition.

How to Avoid Homepage Overload

By highlighting everything, you emphasize nothing. Think about what you want a user to know and to do within eight seconds of landing on the homepage. Then make it happen with design, buttons, and cutting clutter.

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