The Downside of Free Weebly Websites

So you want a website that you can easily customize and keep updated yourself? A lot of people choose free website builders like Weebly, Google Sites, Yola, Wix, or others to create a website. But like a lot of things that are free, the value is limited.

Using Images to Boost Your Blog

Adding images make your blog posts more likely to get noticed and read, both by humans and by search engine robots!

Securing Your WordPress Site Against Hackers

After hackers shut down the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and the website of El Al Airlines today, anyone with a website should think about what they can do to protect their websites, if they haven’t already. While this is hardly the first time hackers have taken down major websites, sometimes we need scary reminders that the worst can happen. These tips can help you protect…

Your E-mail Address is Part of Your Brand

Does anyone from a large corporation contact you with an e-mail address ending with Probably not. Just like a physical address in a premium location says something about a business, so does an e-mail address. But unlike fancy real estate, it doesn’t take a large budget to support a custom e-mail address.

Resources for Free Stock Images

Try these free resources for stock images that you can add to your blog or website.

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