Why is a Responsive Website So Important?

Last week, I decided to order burgers from my favorite takeout place. It had been a hectic evening, and the kids were cranky, so I took out my phone to try to order hamburgers online. But as soon as I opened their website, I could tell I was in for a challenge. Entire sections and images were cut off on my screen, so I had…

What is Google Analytics, and Why Do I Need It?

Have you ever wondered how people are finding your website? Do you wish you knew more about your site users? Do you try to guess which pages are the most popular and engaging?  With Google Analytics, you no longer need to base your marketing strategies off of hypotheses and speculations. Google Analytics is a web analytics service that reports website traffic and gathers user data.…

Adding reCAPTCHA to your WordPress Site

No one likes getting spam, and a good spam filter is just as much a necessity for your website as it is for your email inbox. A CAPTCHA can help by working along with spam filters like the default WordPress plugin Akismet to keep out form submissions by robots. Whether your website already has a CAPTCHA, and you are concerned about how this is affecting…

The Importance of Offsite Backups

Most people are aware of the importance of having a local backup of their website. Disaster can strike at any time, whether it’s a server or hardware failure, the unintentional deletion of files, or a cyber attack. The ability to recover lost data has saved countless businesses in every industry considerable time and money. However, simply maintaining a backup on your server, without also creating…

Top WordPress Questions

This past Thursday, Ilana of IRG Websites joined a team of local Jerusalem WordPress experts for a Q&A session, addressing topics that concern the end user, from tips on how to get started to advanced server performance diagnosis. The WordPress brain trust. From left, Marc Gottlieb, Aviva Krygier, Todd Edelman, Ilana Rosenblum Guttman, Rebecca Markowitz. In case you didn’t make it, here are some of…

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