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The technical stuff, broken down into simpler terms


Transform Your Site Design with Custom CSS

Did you ever want to change certain aspects of your website’s appearance, like the size of a heading or the color of hyperlinked text, but…

How to Move Your WordPress Site to a New Host or Server

We recently discovered that the hosting provider of a customer’s website was woefully outdated. They were only offering up to PHP version 5.6 at the…

Make Your Website Accessible with Nagishly

Do you feel overwhelmed by the legal jargon and technical requirements of Israel’s accessibility laws?  Are you worried your website may not be compliant?  If…

Learn how to maintain your WordPress website yourself!

We break down everything you need to know about keeping your WordPress website maintained in this free e-book.


How to Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

Last month, after several frustrating attempts to order hamburgers online with my phone, I gave up and decided to order a pizza instead, from a…

Why is a Responsive Website So Important?

Last week, I decided to order burgers from my favorite takeout place. It had been a hectic evening, and the kids were cranky, so I…

What is Google Analytics, and Why Do I Need It?

Have you ever wondered how people are finding your website? Do you wish you knew more about your site users? Do you try to guess…

Adding reCAPTCHA to your WordPress Site

No one likes getting spam, and a good spam filter is just as much a necessity for your website as it is for your email…

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