3 Reasons Why You Must Keep WordPress Updated

When you log in to your WordPress admin and reach the dashboard, does this look familiar?

update wordpress indicator

If so, it means that you are not running the latest version of WordPress.

To those of you who stay on top of it, it may seem like there are new versions coming out all the time and you wonder why you should bother.

To those of you who ignore it or don’t even know what it is, here is your opportunity to learn.

3 Reasons to Keep Your WordPress Version Updated:

1. Security Updates

WordPress’s developers are constantly finding new security vulnerabilities and try to stay one step ahead of the hackers and other bad guys.

2. Bug Fixes

They can invade your home, they can invade your computer, and they can also invade your website. New versions of WordPress exterminate bugs that crop up.

3. New features

WordPress is famous for being feature rich, yet easy to use. New versions sometimes come enabled with new features, that can make managing your website even easier.

Insider Tips:

1. Before you update WordPress, it is highly recommended that you back up your files, just in case there are any glitches. But you’re backing up your website regularly anyways, right? 🙂

2. You should also keep your plugins up to date, mostly for the same reasons that you want to keep the version of WordPress you are running current.

3. Before you do any update to your WordPress installation, you can check out the WordPress Blog to read about the new release. This will give you a better idea about what is included and if it might help you, or if perhaps you want to wait a little bit.

4. Before upgrading yourself, you may want to assess if it’s worthwhile to enlist the help of an expert. While an upgrade can be as simple as clicking your mouse a few times, if there are any glitches, it can bring down your site.
If your site is large, uptime is important, you have custom functionality, or you really aren’t sure what you are doing, you should go to an expert for WordPress website maintenance, who can:

  1. Install a version of your site on a development environment and test the update there.
  2. Perform theme and plugin updates
  3. Test the development version of your site thoroughly
  4. Fix any issues that may have been caused by the updates
  5. Create backups of your live site, code and database
  6. Merge your fixes and the updates with those on your live site

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