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Choosing a Hosting Company

“You get what you pay for” definitely applies to website hosting. The question you need to be asking when choosing a web host is “What is it that I need to get?” If you just need a basic set of services, then one of the cheaper providers may cover your needs just fine. Let’s break down what […]

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Your Website Development Checklist

So you know your business needs a website. You research for referrals and start making inquiries. But without understanding first what your website needs for your business, how will you even know what you are asking for? Here is a plan to help businesses organize their website strategy, so that they can understand what it […]

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WordPress Website Maintenance E-Book

After helping more than website owners make changes to, restore or troubleshoot their WordPress website, we’ve compiled our tips for proper WordPress website maintenance. Your website is bound to break. Follow these steps and it will happen a lot less often, and you’ll have proper backups when and if it does. Learn how to manage […]

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Some Deadlines Delayed for Website Accessibility Implementation

Yesterday, September 19, 2016, the Israeli Knesset approved a proposal to delay the enactment of Israeli website accessibility regulations. This comes after months of lobbying for a more balanced approach to the implementation of these intricate regulations. Many concerned website owners turned to the Israeli Internet Association to figure out how to comply wide-reaching laws, which […]